Jana Ledvinová
Czech Fundraising Centre



Jana Ledvinová has been working in the nonprofit sector for more than 26 years and became a respected international expert for management for the civic sector development. She has long term experience with local and international trainings and consultancies for civic sector managers, leaders, municipal and state administrative workers and office directors. As an executive director and founder of Tereza she had an opportunity to gather unique experiences and knowledge with transformational leadership and overall management of the organization when money is tight. She has taught leadership of non-profit management to many audiences all around the Central and Eastern Europe, in the Middle East and USA.

Her leadership training is based on the experiential learning principles. She believes that leader does not need only assistance with learning professional knowledge. Strong leadership requires also other essential skills and abilities – the passion for the mission, respect to others following the path, team spirit and self-confidence. To support these critical skills during trainings, she utilizes experience from her career as an Outward Bound instructor in special games and simulations.

Jana studied leadership in University of Washington (Seattle, USA) and from several top leaders she had a privilege to meet and work with. She is an author of various books and handouts for civic sector management translated to different languages. As a co-author of the game Labyrinth of the World she became a Prize Winner in the International Management Game Competition (1995-1997).

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